Loggiato dei Serviti - Palazzo Venere
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Comfort and design at Palazzo Venere

Immerse yourself in the eclectic ambiance of Palazzo Venere, where you will find accommodations boasting a refined yet captivating aesthetic. Designed by Carlotta Patti, the interior designer behind W.E.Concept, these spacious and luminous spaces exude a contemporary style, adorned with carefully curated design elements that enhance the interiors.

Following a recent renovation, Palazzo Venere now offers 9 suites and 3 rooms, where sophistication and comfort converge seamlessly. Experience a cozy and elegant atmosphere where contemporary design harmoniously intertwines with original Venusian-inspired features in all their forms.

Within these environments characterized by elegance and welcoming hues, beauty and love take center stage in every aspect. Each detail reflects meticulous research and thoughtful design, aimed at creating unique havens for an unforgettable stay.

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